Dog: Ozzie – Silky Terrier (Ontario, Canada)

Dog: Ozzie - Silky Terrier
Dog: Ozzie – Ontario, Canada (09/28/2000 – 02/13/2010)

When the breeder showed us Ozzie (Silky Terrier dog) and asked if we were interested in adopting him, we should have seen the signs.

He took great pride and joy in bring shoes into the kitchen from the front entry during our visit, and this never changed.

Ozzie became the consummate sock hunter, locating stray socks wherever they may be. Although his favourite hunting ground seemed to be the laundry hamper.

Squirrels, mice and chipmunks did not stand a chance with Ozzie. He was a successful protector of his domain, from these interlopers.

His passing came too early and completely unexpectedly leaving a huge void in our family.

Our comfort remains in knowing we will be reunited at The Rainbow Bridge.

Farewell old buddy.

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