Cat: Rocky – Franklin, TN

Cat: Rocky – Franklin, TN (04/15/ 2009 – 09/09/ 2010) Rocky passed away as a result of an auto accident in Leiper’s Fork, TN, where he was also born. He was abandoned on our farm at three weeks of age, and was then adopted by his human parents. Rocky was feral and starving, but was quickly tamed and fattened. He was named Rocky because he would play (claws in) by…

Cat: Isabella – Amsterdam, OH

Cat: Isabella (Domestic Shorthair) – Amsterdam, OH (07/04/2000 – 07/01/2010) My cat Isabella (Izzy) was the greatest friend anyone could ask for. I’ll never forget the first day I got her when she hissed at herself when she saw her reflection. She was also my Ramen noodle buddy. I will miss the way she always looked at me with bright eyes whenever I came home or came into my room.

Cat: Tini – Spain

Cat: Tini – Spain (Died 05/02/2010) Tini was a beautiful female pussy cat. She had to have a leg amputated several years ago after a fall but never stopped her getting into mischief. She had a beautiful nature and always loved a little kiss goodnight. I will miss her for the rest of my life.

Cat: Rosie – Belmont, NH

Cat: Rosie – Belmont, NH (04/02/1996 – 03/28/2010) Rosie was my best friend and the perfect cat. There will never be another cat like her – she clearly loved me and I loved her with all my heart. Rosie chose me from the start and we had a special bond.

Cat: Chelsea – San Mateo, CA

Cat: Chelsea – San Mateo, CA (03/2006 – 07/17/2009) Chelsea (Himalayan/Siamese) was one of a kind. Named after a rare / unreleased Counting Crows song. She was our baby, bottle fed for many weeks by me and my daughter. She was the best cuddler ever [when SHE chose to be]. Her life was short and her death tragic. Lost to a Coyote.  I can’t think of a worse way to…