Cat: Spinner – Ontario, Canada

Pet cat Spinner
Cat: Spinner )Domestic / Short hair) – Ontario, Canada (1991 – Aug 16, 2009)

Spinner, also known as Spin, Spun, Spinneroo and Buddy, was a wonderful loving furry friend for 18 years. He loved his human dad most. Spinner was a talker and had long conversations with us, all the time.

He was incredibly social, enjoying company, and never hesitated to land on people’s laps whenever he could. Spinner also was a toucher. He was always reaching out with his paws to touch your face.

Pet cat Spinner

Spin also loved being outside in our fenced yard. He would patrol his domain daily, sleep in the back corners, chase butterflies and birds, and most often, could be found lounging and napping on patio chairs. Life was good for him.

He taught Rusty, ( how to be a real cat. They were best buddies for 18 years, cuddling together, washing each other, just hanging out always close to each other. Rusty crossed Rainbow Bridge 2 months after Spin, at 19 years and we believe he just missed him too much.

Pet cat Spinner

Spinner died at home, in his favourite place, my husband’s arms. It was his time, on his own terms, which we are so very grateful for.

It’s been two years Spin, since you left us. We have you and Rusty in our hearts and miss you every single day. You were the best boy ever and we thank you for adding such joy and laughter to our lives.

We hope to see you again, buddy.


  1. Miss you every single day, our furry friend, you’ll always be in our hearts. Til we meet again, Spin, we will love you forever… (mom, dad, Grouch and Scoots) xxoo

  2. Still miss you every day, Spin, gone but never forgotten.
    (Mom, Dad and Groucho)

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