Dog: Stormy

Stormy smiling
Dog: Stormy (Died 08/04/2004)

Stormy this is for you, my beautiful girl, who always had a smile on her face everyday for the fourteen years you spent in my arms. Everyone loved you. You were so kind to every animal and person you met each day. Such a fierce breed, Argentine Dogos, Pittbull/Great Dane mix, but you put everyone you met at ease.

I will never forget the day, you came through the door, carrying something in your mouth, and of course, I screamed and screamed, but you set her down so gently; no the squirrel was not dead, but injured, and around and around the dining room table we all ran, till finally I caught her, and put her in a box.

It took 9 hours for the animal control to show up, sadly the squirrel had passed away. The woman examined her and was so amazed, not one puncture wound or tooth mark on the squirrels body, she said. She must have fallen from a tree and broke her leg. This sweet dog, who knew mom, always was the fixer of sick animals, you brought her straight to me, thinking maybe I could help.

But that was you, sweet Stormy. And of course, another day, forever imprinted in my mind, August 4, 2004. I tried to keep you alive, though almost blind, deaf, arthritis, and a thyroid disease, I just could not bear the thought of being without you. But the house was sold, everyone moved over to the new house, and only two dogs could go.

But still for a month, with only a mattress on the floor, and the pittbull, DeeDee laying by our side, I stayed to the last moment. The final eviction day, I gathered you in my arms, took you to the vet, and you knew, running for the door, you were also afraid to leave me. But I held you, and thanked you for the best fourteen years of my life.

Stormy on couch

I spent two years in bed, in a dreamlike state, unable to cope, so heartbroken. But with the responses to those on, I was able to snap out of it. I realized, for you Stormy, my new mission in life, to do the thing hardest for me, learning to let go.

So I will take in older dogs, of the pittbull breed, the chance for a home almost impossible. I will let these dogs finish out their lives, feeling safe, and will hold them, when their time comes, with a kiss and a whisper thanking them for the love they gave to all those whose life they had touched.

This I will do in your honor, my sweet loving Stormy.


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