Rabbit: Lelouch (Lop Bunny) – Peru

Pet Rabbit: Lelouch (Lop Bunny)
Rabbit: Lelouch (Lop Bunny) – Peru (May 18, 2011 – Apr 22, 2014)

Lelouch was a cute lop bunny. He came into our lives in 2011. Since then, he gave us so many beautiful times and he touched our hearts in many ways.

He loved to eat vegetables and fruits… specially he enjoyed bananas – any time and anywhere. He also loved classical music. He spent his life with his best friend Baco, a 14 years old cat, and of course with us as much time as we could gave him.

We miss him a lot and we are always going to remember him in our hearts. Lelouch we love you so much.

Pet Rabbit: Lelouch (Lop Bunny)

Pet Rabbit: Lelouch (Lop Bunny)

Pet Rabbit: Lelouch (Lop Bunny)

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