Rat: Eddie (Fancy Rat) – Canada, ON

Rat: Eddie (Fancy Rat) – Canada, ON (Feb 2012 – Jul 14, 2012)

I still remember the first day that I bought him. It was a sunny day, with maybe a few clouds. I was going to the pet store, with no big plans on buying a new pet after my 3 mice (Patches, Pikachu, and Sable) died.

I walked into the pet store like usual, just browsing with my mother. I came across the rodent area, and I saw all of the cute little feeder ratties on sale. Most were albinos, 1 or 2 of them were white with creamish-brown splotches everywhere, and a couple of them were black and white.

There was a friendly young store worker there, just feeding the rats and talking to some customers. I came up to her and asked, “Can I see one of those rats?” She said, “Sure!” reached in, and grabbed the rat that would soon-to-be Eddie. I looked at her, and said, “I think I’d rather have a girl” just because I preferred girl animals at that time (I don’t anymore, I like both).

While I was saying that, the store worker was keeping Eddie on a cute little rainbow-coloured wooden play structure; he was running everywhere on it! Occasionally, the store worker would even have to turn it around a bit to keep him from following off.

I petted him a few times, but I was quite cautious of him possibly biting me (like my mice sometimes did). Anyways, the girl replied, “Hmm, well, in my opinion, the males are kinder. They do smell a bit more, however.” “Nicer? Who cares if they smell more!” I thought.

And so, I bought him. She put Eddie in a cute temporary carrying cardboard box for me to bring him home in. We also bought him a box of treats, that resembled little rainbow coloured donuts. Walking to the car, I was practically squealing with joy. When I sat down in my car seat, I just kept shoving donut treats at him, and whenever I heard him nibble, I would squeal even more and say, “Did you hear that?! Did you? That was the cutest thing EVER!” After that, all my memories of going home are a blur.

Here is my pet rat, Eddie. I am unsure when he was born, but he was already fairly large when I bought him. I bought him at pet store, in the feeder rat area. He was with some albinos, but I must say, he was the most hansom of the all 😉

He died on July 14, 2012. He mainly ate Regal Rat, along with his nightly treat of a various type of seed. He lived in a glass tank, and his favourite toy was a mirror with beads around it. (What a vain rat!)

Thank you for reading, and R.I.P Eddie!

Lots of love, Sir Eddie the Knight! I will remember you forever and always!

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