Cat: Poe Ciampa (Domestic Tabby) – Romeoville, IL

Cat Obituary: Poe Ciampa (Domestic Tabby)

Cat: Poe Ciampa (Domestic Tabby) – Romeoville, IL (Aug 11, 2000 – Oct 12, 2020)

Poe Ciampa was born on August 11th, 2000 and crossed the Rainbow Bridge to Heaven on October 12th, 2020.  He was an extremely special cat with the biggest heart we have ever known! 

Throughout his life he touched many lives with his kindness and compassion, and brought many smiles to all who knew him. In times of needing comfort or just to bring happiness to others, Poe had a special gift of being able to turn any day into a happy one no matter the circumstance.

Poe was a true friend who would do little things such as holding your hand with his paw or jump up next to you in bed and snuggle into your arms when you most needed it. 

Poe and Holly our German Shepherd, which was his favorite sister, shared such a special bond that they never left each others side. One of the fondest memories we have of them is that Poe always let Holly know when he walked in the room who was boss by announcing his entrance and telling her to move out of his spot with a big boisterous meow! This always would bring everyone plenty of laughter! 

Poe in his younger years loved being outside and roaming for Queens as he was a true ladies man that other female cats in the neighborhood loved dearly.  Lets not forget also that Poe loved to pose and model for the camera at any opportunity you gave him and he was voted sexiest male cat of the year in 2007 by Cat Quarterly Magazine.

Poe was a huge fan of the Chicago Bears, loved music especially classic rock, smooth jazz, and 80’s pop such as the Stray Cat Strut by the band Stray Cats which was his favorite song! Poe’s favorite toy was his Bergan Turbo Scratcher Cat Toy. He enjoyed hunting at night for critters with his sister Holly, and snuggling in the evening with his best human friend Steve, watching golf and having movie night with lots of popcorn.

Poe’s favorite meal was a cheeseburger from McDonalds and Vanilla Ice Cream! He also absolutely loved Temptations cat treats and he was an avid fan of Ats A Nice pizza in Romeoville!   

Poe was preceded in death by his grandmother Pandora, his sister German Shepherds Meatball, Lucky, Lilly and human papa David Ciampa and his mama cat Anastasia.

He is survived by his human Nana Karen Ciampa, human Mama Michelle Ciampa, sister Holly Ciampa, brothers Mufasa and Puma, human Uncle Tony Ciampa (Crissy), cousins Evan and Sam Ciampa and human father in law and best friend Stephen Ryan.

Poe will be greatly missed and we loved him with all our hearts!  We can’t wait to meet him again once we cross the Rainbow Bridge together with him one day.  

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