Dog: Sam (Golden Labrador) – Salt Lake City, UT

Pet Dog: Sam (Golden Labrador)

Dog: Sam (Golden Labrador) – Salt Lake City, UT (Mar 15, 2006 – Mar 11, 2018)

Sam was adopted from our local animal shelter by my husband when he was 18 months old. I have never met a person and a dog who were such perfect counterparts than those two. They were kindred spirits from the moment they met; handsome, happy, enthusiastic, food lovers and adventurous. Some man tried to convince my husband to give Sam to him because his little girl really wanted him… THANK GOD my husband didn’t fall for that trick.

In typical Labrador fashion Sam loved to eat, eat and eat, swim, eat, run, eat cuddle and of course eat. His apatite matched his energy levels. We took him everywhere with us. Trail runs, swimming in mountain lakes, city parks, camping, vacations to the beach… “Sam, wanna go?!” was pretty much a daily phrase in our house. He was in every respect an equal and loved member of our family.

Sadly we had to say goodbye to our beloved friend on 03/11/18. He had rapidly advanced cancer that took hold of his body. I would give almost anything to have another fun adventure with you buddy.

Sam, wherever you are, all I can say is Thank You! Thank you for being apart of our lives, for all the adventures, snuggles, laughs and for loving us just as much as we loved you. The bond we shared with you is a once in a lifetime kind of experience. You are loved, you are missed and our memories of you keep you very much alive in our hearts.

All our love till we meet again!

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  1. Sam was more than a dog, he was family. We loved him very much. MontyBoy will and does miss his friend. Much love to You Sam.. We will miss your joy and energy, and the soulful way you would looked in our eyes when you sat at our feet. See you on the other side. Gone, never Forgotten, Always Loved.

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