Cat: Simba (Strawberry Blonde Tabby) – Dallas, TX

Pet Cat: Simba (Strawberry Blonde Tabby)

Cat: Simba (Strawberry Blonde Tabby) – Dallas, TX (Died Feb 22, 2018)

Simba adopted me and my son. On March 16, 2016, he locked eyes with me from across the parking lot and simply walked up to me as I was entering our residence. It was at that moment that he declared himself a permanent resident, and the next two years would pass in the blink of an eye.

Given his physical development on our first meeting, he could not have been more than a year old, but his coat, paw, and teeth condition spoke of a cat who KNEW the mean streets. He needed us as much as we needed him.

We welcomed him with open arms and regretted not a single day of the two years we were able to spend with him. His companionship brought more joy, love, and personality than can be imagined for such a short time.

He was more than a pet. He was FAMILY, and though the loss of his presence is great, we are determined to honor his memory with smiles and adoration, the way he would have wanted.

We will love you forever!

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