Cat: Pookie (Orange Tiger) – Leon Springs, TX

cat Pookie - orange tiger

Cat: Pookie (Orange Tiger) – Leon Springs, TX (Jun 1, 2002 – Dec 16, 2017)

Pookie (My Little Tiger)
Pookie Gould, 15 year companion and “Little Tiger” to Michael Gould, was gently and compassionately eased from this life into the next in the early hours of December 16, 2017. Pookie, whose favorite “play things” were string and that plastic-type of Christmas ribbon, enjoyed a long and happy life with Michael and shared many play times and quiet times as well.

Though not exactly excited about the travel between his homes in Boston, Vermont, Texas and lately of Virginia, Pookie put in over 62,000 miles of travel between the places he loved. Michael, once asked about which place Pookie preferred. We had no definitive answer. Michael’s thought on this. Pookie’s favorite place was wherever Michael was. Many times that was sitting beside him on the couch, seemingly ignored, while Michael was focused on the computer. Other times, just on the bed, accompanied by purring and snoring sounds. Pookie and Michael each had a different answer to the question: “whose bed is this, anyway?” Today, that answer is sadly clear.

Pookie and Michael were partnered when Michael’s friend, Marybeth, arranged for a winter fostering for the orphaned kitten whom she called Creamy. Creamy lost most of his tail at some point early in life and this characteristic along with his double front paws made him that much more special. He was a gentle cat, never cross or mean and always eager to be petted and loved.

For the first 2 years of his life Pookie was very shy about appearing for guests in the house. That changed when his life, and Michael’s, became a year split between New England and Texas. The household of Pookie and Michael was often visited by a new person within his sphere; Michael’s cousin, Malloy. To Malloy Pookie was always “The Pooks.”

The illness that overtook Pookie, manifested itself by an unwillingness to eat and drink. This lack of sustenance brought Pookie to a dangerous weight and it was clear that he would not recover from this malady. In the late hours of December 15th, Michael, Malloy and “The Pooks” made that last trip to the Vet. This trip, not confined to a carrier, Pookie traveled his last miles comfortably wrapped in a plush towel and in the arms of Michael.

Pookie left this life at 12:15 am on December 16, 2017 and leaves behind his life-long companion, Michael and his loving cousin, Malloy.

Missing you every moment, Pookie, but ever so grateful for the many, many hours of joy, comfort, laughter and plain-old companionship that you gave to me and that you accepted from me as well.

Love you,

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