Dog: Dee Dee Diesel (Black Labrador) – Tinley Park, IL

Pet dog - Dee Dee Diesel - Black Labrador

Dog: Dee Dee Diesel (Black Labrador) – Tinley Park, IL (Died Nov 1, 2017)

Dad and Mom found her at a Shelter in June, 2009 when Dee Dee was about a year and a half old. She visited 16 States on vacations. Seeing Bison up close made the hair on her back stand up! She loved eggs, sardines, veggies, turkey bacon and plain hamburgers. She always like to snatch strawberries from the Garden.

Our Baby Girl was loved by everyone she met. She would knock Dad down like a diesel truck when playing but lick you till you laughed to make sure you were Ok . What an awesome buddy. Cancer sadly got her. She died in our car’s back seat with her head out the window while pulling into the Vets parking lot for her last trip.

She made the perfect exit! Always with us now in the car. We will see you again someday.

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