Dog: Daisy Mae – Bichon Poodle -Abington, MA

dog- Daisy Mae - Bichon - Poodle

Dog: Daisy Mae – Bichon Poodle -Abington, MA (Died Jan 31, 2017)

Dear little Daisy Doo. I hope you know how much we loved you. I hope you know nothing made me happier then seeing your tiny little face light up when you saw me. You chose me. I had the privilege of your love for 5 years.

I lost you two days ago. It was not the goodbye I imagined/wanted for you. We were suppose to help you to Rainbow Bridge 9hrs before your passing. But you were so SO happy just right before the appt. So we tucked you into bed with kisses and thought the next day would be better. We thought wrong.

You woke us up at 3:20am. Papa and I immediately brought you to go to heaven. We cried, rubbed your little head, gave kisses and told you how much you meant to us. I hope you could hear us. We held you after. Papa and I took turns. I laid your little body over my shoulder, pet your head and gave you as many kisses as I could get in. Papa held you too. I placed you on the table and wrapped you up in the orange blanket, kissed you a thousand more times and left.

I hate being home. I keep thinking you will run to the door, that I need to take you out for a potty break, that I need to give you “suppy”, or a bath and thinking I see you in the corner of my eye. I hate being in the car. You were always next to me. You were my buddy, my best friend, my world.

I can’t wait to see you again my little Lady~Bird. I hope Nana met you at Rainbow Bridge. I hope we did right by you. And most of all, I hope you know how very loved you were because you, you were special.

Run free in the meadow of Daisies my sweet precious baby. ❤

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  1. I am so sorry to hear about the loss of your precious Daisy Mae. She was so special and I am sure she knows how much you all loved her and still do, and how much you will always love her and carry her in your hearts… You will love Daisy forever and she will always be by your side, loving you and reminding you of the true beauty of life, reminding you of what true love and friendship really is. This world is full of false friends and having someone like our precious Ari, or your precious Daisy Mae by our side is a true blessing. That’s why we can never say goodbye to them, we just have to learn to be together in a new way…

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