Dog: Jasmine

Dog: Jasmine (Sep 7, 2004 – Jan 16, 2017)

Jasmine Laws, 11 years old,. Crossed over the Rainbow Bridge on January 16, 2017, at 5:21 p.m. Jasmine was born September 7, 2004, and is survived by her Daddy, Ken Laws, and brother, Cody Laws.

We loved you so much and will miss you forever. I still see clearly your funny little smile and remember the way you would safely stow the treat I would give you before I would leave for work and retrieve it to eat immediately when I would come home.

This was your special way of telling me how much you loved me and there were so many other ways you let me know. The special smile you had when you were happy to just be with me spoke volumes.

Our hearts are broken but we are reassured that you are at peace and when we cross over the Rainbow Bridge, there you will be … smiling and ready to give me a big, fat, wet kiss.

Thank you for the wonderful memories.

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