Dog: Skippy – Springer-Doodle (Seattle, WA)

Pet Dog: Skippy - Springer-Doodle
Dog: Skippy – Springer-Doodle (Feb 14, 2002 – Sep 11, 2015)

Skippy was a very good boy right up to the time of his passing. Skippy is survived by the “Momma” Marilyn, the “Boy” Michael, and the “Dadda” Lee. He was predeceased by his two best friends, Owen a/k/a “Little Guy” and “Coop.”

Skippy loved water on his own terms. He loved to run in the surf and splash at the beach in his younger years. He would run with me, by my side in the rain, when we were both younger and still able to run.

He loved to wade into his favorite watering holes in the nearby stream for the occasional drink during trail hikes, but getting rained on while wandering the yard “on patrol,” and baths were another story.

One of his favorite songs – there were many – was about his relationship with water:

You’re not such a watery dog,
You’re not so watery dog,
You’re not such a watery, watery, watery,
You’re not such a watery dog.

Generally, Watery Dog was sung as he tried to brush himself dry on the bed or sides of the furniture, grinning and looking over his shoulder, at whoever would notice; more often than not, when he wasn’t wet at all. He always liked getting “dried off” after a walk, even in the heat of the summer.

Well-mannered by nature, he never bit a single thing other than his food and treats, ever. And once he grew out of teething and was house trained, never had to be scolded for bad behavior.

He brought us, and those he encountered on the street, at the nursery, dog park, beaches and trails, great joy, and was there for us during the good times and bad.

He was a trooper. Diagnosed with a brain tumor in January 2015, and given mere weeks to live; however, he continued to walk, spreading his love, for another 9 months. His time of suffering was brief.

Skippy was a rescue. We wish we could have seen his brood, and would have liked to have cloned him. Like many old dogs, he was a role model for good behavior to the very end, and taught me to remember to stop and smell the roses from time to time.

Rest in peace guy.


  1. So sorry for your loss know how u and your family must feel. Lost my Diamond back in March. Only thing that keeps me going is that she’s no longer suffering. May The Lord open Heaven’s Gates for Skippy to roam free again.

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