Dog: Mikey (Dachshund) – Dublin, NH

Pet Dog: Mikey (Dachshund)
Dog: Mikey (Dachshund) – Dublin, NH (Jul 1, 2006 – Sep 12, 2015)

Mikey was a charming character. He was super-friendly and loved people – he just didn’t like other dogs!

He was adopted at age 4, and his new ‘parents’ quickly learned how clever and funny he was. Everyone commented on what a beautiful boy he was, with unusual coloring for a dachshund and a very athletic build.

He was extremely athletic and enjoyed catching Frisbees and balls in his yard and going on walks. He also loved toys – especially squeaky toys!

He was a fantastic watch-dog and always alerted us when a car went by or, heaven forbid, another dog or a chipmunk should walk by his yard.

He made us laugh and we don’t know what we’ll do without him. His entire extended family will miss him.

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