Cat: Pumpkin (Orange Mackerel Tabby) – Lynnwood, WA

Pet Cat: Pumpkin (Orange Mackerel Tabby)
Cat: Pumpkin – Orange Mackerel Tabby – (1992 – Jun 5, 2015)

Pumpkin the Orange Tabby passed away on 6/5/2015, at the assumed age of 23 (at the very least).

When I was a teenager, she showed up at the front door and decided that I was the person she would be living with from now on. She was an adult cat when she arrived so we never knew her real age, but she lived a spoiled 23 years since then.

She had vocal chords that never wore out and would always give you a meow when she noticed you. Loved to be the focus of attention and was friendly to all. Never attacked or hissed at anyone. Being pampered by doting human’s was all she knew.

Pet Cat: Pumpkin (Orange Mackerel Tabby)

Was fond of pawing you in the face as you slept so that you would roll off your pillow and let her have it. She also loved to curl up under the sheets with you if you let her.

She was the epitome of cute and could wrap you around her little paw. As the years went by she managed to secure her own personal heatdish, blanket, catnip, bonito flake’s, and only the most succulent cat food. Spoiled would be an understatement.

In the end she survived an enlarged thyroid and the radiation treatment that cured it, as well as 4+ years of kidney issue’s and the daily injections of sodium chloride that came with that. She hung around as long as possible and we were going to make a new world record for oldest cat together, but didn’t quite make the goal.

Pet Cat: Pumpkin (Orange Mackerel Tabby)

Over half my life I’ve had this cat. Throughout her whole life she was as frisky as a 2-year old. She was my good luck cat, and to me she was always just a kitten. Until the last two weeks when her kidney functions declined again, and sickness took her. She passed away in her sleep.

Goodbye, my little tabby kitten.

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