Cat: Bandit (Maine Coon, DLH) – Kingston, ON, Canada

Pet Cat: Bandit (Maine Coon, DLH)
Cat: Bandit (Maine Coon, DLH) – Kingston, ON, Canada (Died May 25, 2015)

Today we had to say goodbye to our beloved Maine Coon Bandit. We found out last week that Bandit has a mass growing in his throat and rather than let him suffer we have to let him go.

If Bandit could be a person he would be James Dean or John Wayne – he is just that cool! If he could drink, his drink of choice would be bourbon.

He was a cat of few words – when he did meow it was more like a honk. He loved his cat treats, was a world class sleeper, chased reflections with a passion and had a fondness for Jolly Rancher candies. He was devoted to his dad and he followed him everywhere – he was like a sheepdog.

He leaves behind his cat mates Ellie, Sophie, Jake, Samantha & Mia and puppy dog girl Molly and puppy dog boy Mac. Our hearts ache that we have to let him go but we know that he will be waiting for us at the Rainbow Bridge.

We are blessed that his love & spirit are now part of us and we know he will always be with us. Every time the apple tree blooms I will think of you Mr. Fluffy Pants.

Semper Fi biggest guy ever!

We love you and miss you, Craig, Diane, Rachel and Jackson.

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