Cat: Missy (Domestic Medium Hair) – Victoria, BC , Canada

Pet Cat - Missy - Domestic Medium Hair
Cat: Missy (Domestic Medium Hair) – Victoria, BC , Canada
(Spring 1999 – Apr 2, 2015)

Missy came to us in August of 2000. We had just lost a beautiful black cat named Likerish to thieves, coyotes, traffic…. we really don’t know. But we spent weeks looking for her and during that time our daughter was checking the pound for the umpteenth time. This little black cat with the cute white markings reached out of her cage, grabbed her sweater and would not let go. This touched Sandra’s heart heart … so home came Missy.

She had an abused childhood, likely tortured, had kittens early and perhaps didn’t stay with her mother long enough to learn how to groom. Our older cat, a long hair Himalayan named Coco, took Missy under her wing and taught her “proper cat behaviour”, mostly about grooming.

Missy was a hunter, but NOT of animals. In fact, she raced with the squirrels and played with bunnies. What she hunted, with tenacity, was affection. She purred as loudly as a helicopter landing for just a few strokes ( or the possibility).

She followed even strangers around the house to “help”. She eagerly awaiting visits from our children, knowing some extra scratches and petting was coming. And I could always count on a companion when I watched TV … as long as I had a hand free.

On the other hand her voice in complaint was equally as loud as her purrs.. so if she needed food, everyone knew about it.

Missy knew how to give back. A few years after Coco passed away, at the advance age of 24.5, we acquired a lovely 9 month old Siamese named Shadow. Shadow has naturally advanced hunting instincts and wandered away from the house. We asked Missy to go find her and on more than one occasion, much to our amazement and the amazement of neighbors, Missy actually went out, searched around every bush, rounded up Shadow up and brought her home.

But the MOST amazing thing about Missy is that she is actually an interplanetary spy. You can note the one white whisker above her right eye in the photo. A long time ago my god-daughter, Avery, “discovered” that Missy was using that to communicate back to her home planet and , I believe, wrote a short story about her for school. When the “antennae” fell out Missy could relax again until it grew back in. Then she as back on assignment and had to be vigilant, reporting on human behaviour.

We miss you Missy.

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