Cat: Tom the Great (Tomcat) – Dunkirk, OH

Pet cat - Tom the Great - Tomcat
Cat: Tom the Great (Tomcat) – Dunkirk, OH (Apr 17, 2002 – Mar 19, 2015)

Tom the Great died March 19, 2015. He was born on April 17, 2002.  Tom was an all black Tomcat. He loved turkey and Kentucky fried chicken.

When we brought a chicken bacon ranch pizza home, he would start circling around it. He will be missed terribly by his owners Billy, Kellie, Emily Jacob and Kaden.

He was our best friend and there is a hole in our hearts that nothing can fill. He was preceded in death by his “wife” Noodles – a Calico and son Pizza – a yellow tomcat.

I promised him I would meet him again over the Rainbow Bridge.

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