Dog: Petunia (Beagle mix) – Binghamton, NY

Dog: Petunia - Beagle mix
Dog: Petunia (Beagle mix) – Binghamton, NY (2006 – Jan 1, 2015)

Our sweet and beloved beagle, Petunia, passed away unexpectedly this New Years Eve as a result of complications from three bouts with Lyme disease. It was without doubt the saddest New Years Eve’s we ever had.

Petunia was an especially talented Beagle with the most highly developed sight, sound and smell senses. Likewise, she was extremely quick, agile and ingenious in escaping confined spaces and hiding until she was ready to return. She was dreaded by every squirrel and rodent in the neighborhood. As talented as she was, however, nobody appreciated her signature “howling” voice.

Our fence contractor admitted after returning three times to reinforce the dog run fence he had built, each time Petunia escaping after a short time, that Petunia had triumphed in the “Beagle vs. fence man” contest.

We also fondly remember Petunia for having somehow dragged a huge platter of corned beef and cabbage off the kitchen counter for her and her doggie brothers to enjoy on the floor. She was serious, but also had a great sense of humor.

There’s no replacing Petunia… she was one of a kind and will always be missed.

Paul and Sara Glantzman

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