Cat: Missy (Miss Mischief) – White Shorthair – Cleveland, OH

Cat: Missy (Miss Mischief) - White Shorthair
Cat: Missy (Miss Mischief) – White Shorthair (Nov 1995 – Jan 2015)

When I got Missy from the Animal Protective League, she was in a cage with 5 other white kittens. I scooped her up and brought her home.

My Husband, who was very ill, looked at her , agreed she was nice, but asked me to make SURE I kept her away from him, because he did NOT like cats.

Well, she was DETERMINED he WAS going to like her! So, she’d always be looking for him, and even if he was ill and in bed, she’d scamper back to the bedroom to keep him company. After about a month of her living with us, I heard him saying, “Oh Missy! Come here! Daddy loves you!” Haha

My Dear Husband passed away 4 years ago. Missy was age 19 1/2 now, and so today……I feel like he is taking care of her until we all are together again. I miss Him……I miss my Missy Kitty too…..

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