Dog: Buddy Buster (Terrier / Shishu / Llasa mix)

Pet Dog: Buddy Buster - Terrier / Shishu / Llasa mix
Dog: Buster (Terrier / Shishu /Llasa mix) – (Adopted May 2008 – Oct 8, 2014)

Buddy Buster,
I wasn’t looking for a dog when I saw you in May, 2008. But when I saw you at the adoption center, I knew we were meant to be together. Adi, 4 years old at the time, named you Buddy Buster Sandwicha Applepiea.

You were fantastic. You were my best friend. You joined our family perfectly; playing with the kids, chasing birds with Dad, and loving everyone. You slept at my feet. On the couch you were always perched at the top in cushion dents that you made. They are still there.

I still sense you around me several times a day. I think you are at my feet when I wake up through the night. I put my hand on the passenger seat to pet you but you are not there. I hear your collar above my head when I lay on the couch. When I walk down the stairs, I still move to the left because you liked to go down on the right.

When you were hit by a car, I screamed and cried with throbbing inside like I had never known was possible. You are my Buddy forever. I will miss you always.

I hope that you love Heaven and that you are so incredibly happy. I hope that you do not miss me like I miss you. I hope that you do not see my sorrow. I want you to be unbelievably happy. Give licks and kisses to Grandmommy, Grandma, Asher, Moretti, and Betsy.

We will see each other again. I want to hold you again, sweet boy. I love you.

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