Cat: Goldie

Pet Cat: Goldie
Cat: Goldie (2012 – 2014)

Our dearest Goldie, our precious angel, our Egyptian boy, our love…

Thank you for choosing us for your friends and for lighting up our lives with your golden heart. We were more than proud and honored to be chosen by you.

Thank you for showing us that true happiness lies in little things and in simple moments and that real treasure belongs to those who have a golden heart and not to those who seek material wealth.

Our every moment together was a blessing.

The monster who poisoned you and our loving friends Sivka, Bobby and Teddy is so wrong to think that he took you away from us, because you will always stay our dear, sweet companion and wherever we go, you’ll go with us…

Nobody can ever take you away from us.
You will always stay in our hearts.

RIP, Goldie boy
Your faithful friends
Elia Patricia Pekica Pagon, Branko Pagon & Aramis Giving of Good


  1. Dearest Goldie Boy!
    You are always in our hearts and our minds. Not a day goes by without us remembering our days together. Please take care of our sweet Angel Ari. We lost him so suddenly and are so sad, my Goldie Boy. We miss you all so much. You must Know that we love you all with all our hearts. Much love and lots of hugs and kisses to all of you….

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