Cat: Red

Pet cat - Red
Cat: Red (Died Sept 27, 2013)

My cat’s name is Red. He died Sept 27, 2013 and was approx 13 years old. Red was killed instantly by an automobile.

I have known Red for 10 years but only took him under my wing about 8 months ago. He used to belong to my next door neighbor, who died 10 years ago and house has sat empty ever since.

Red has been “wild” in my neighborhood and has gone thru 10 very cold winters in Oregon, all alone. I finally won his friendship 8 months ago and have made sure he was not hungry.

I brushed him and gave him love, which he soaked up readily. Our new found friendship was ended suddenly when he was killed by a car.

Life, at times, can be so unfair. I want his memory to live on even if it is only in cyberspace. It is the least I can do for my friend.

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