Dog: Fred (Lhasa Apso) – Salt Lake City, UT

Pet Dog: Fred - Lhasa Apso
Dog: Fred (Lhasa Apso) – Salt Lake City, UT (Feb 1998 – Sep 20, 2013)

Our beloved Lhasa Apso, bubba passed away peacefully after a tragic camping accident.

He was always the leader of the pack! Fred learned as a young pup how to dominate his brother Tipper in his desire to have all the human love and attention possible. The next 15 1/2 years of his life replicated that dominant trait.

He was always loving and kind towards humans, and was known to give tongue baths to those he desired to show affection to. His favorite human attention was a good foot petting.

After the death of his brother Tipper, he gained a best friend by the name of Callie, whom he actually liked and didn’t growl at. The biggest annoyance of his life, Barnie, joined the family 2 1/2 years ago.

Fred enjoyed his walks around the park, and even in his old age led the others on the pathway. He also loved to go camping with the family, where he could roam freely. Unfortunately, Fred didn’t enjoy the drive to get to these fabulous destinations and he would get car sick, then he would shiver his timbers for most of the drive.

Later in life, Fred lost his hearing, although the family always referred to it as selective hearing. He also had limited eyesight which was a contributing factor to his demise.

Fred’s family truly loved him unconditionally for all of his life. They accepted all his faults and miss his grumpy ways, rancid breath and breathtaking farts. Fred was a good dog and there’s a void in our hearts without him.

Preceded in death by his loving human mother, Kathy, and sister, Ginnie; canine sister Suzie and brother Tipper. Survived by his biggest supporter and self-proclaimed big brother Will Lyman (Holly), and pack mates Callie and Barnie.

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  1. How awful! My heart aches for the family, I know what it’s like to lose a best friend, I lost my cow girl she was a Blue Heeler. She belongs to my grandson who was killed in a car wreck and I inherited her at 6 months old. She was my best friend and I thought I was going to die without her. But my brother gave me a little puppy a Lhasa Apso and I couldn’t believe the change that she is from having cowgirl. Miss prissy is her name she is always with me now she is 11 months old and yes she gives me tongue licks all the time and she’s by my side always, she has filled that void that I had after losing cowgirl I’ll never forget cowgirl but I found a new best friend and that’s Miss Prissy.

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