Cat: McKenzie (Siamese Flame Point) – Denver, CO

Pet Cat: McKenzie - Siamese Flame Point
Cat: McKenzie (Siamese Flame Point) – Denver, CO (2003 – Jul 25, 2013)

McKenzie you joined our family when our hearts were still sick from losing our beloved Ivan. You caught my eye because you looked just like him but we quickly learned you had a personality all your own. Your rolly-polly nature quickly made you my favorite.

You loved the chair I was planning to reupholster in the basement so much I never did work on it because I couldn’t kick you off. You let a three year old and an 16 month old pinch you and rough you up but you never fought back. It became our nightly ritual to scratch your over-sized belly.

You took to two dogs and two cats like you’d been there all along. Being the youngest of our crew we never thought you’d leave us this soon. You were so healthy and happy right up until the day you died. We thought we had so much more time. I hope you’re with Kodie and Ivan and your pain is gone.

I miss you buddy.

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