Dog: Raven (Black Lab) – Ottowa, Canada

Dog: Raven (Black Lab) – Ottowa, Canada (died Jul 20, 2013)

To a dog who made two families turn into one and made it complete. Thomas and Angie became the proud owner of Raven when he was just a puppy and had a sister named Sara and a brother named Luc; with also a cat sister as well.

Raven filled the family with joy even if he chewed through things and his toys never lasted very long. Always made sure that is family was protected at all times and did it very well. Watched us grow while he grew as well and years passed by.

He was able to make the worst days turn into the best moments just by seeing his face. He loved everyone as long as they loved his family. His favorite toys became his Kong and his squeeky toys that he always put into his food when he wasn’t playing with them just so that no one could get them from him.

Whenever he was inside he would make sure that you ate all your whole meal or you at least gave him a piece while he sat right beside you while you ate it or if it was something one of HIS kids didn’t enjoy than he was more than generous to eat it all for them.

As Raven grew older his back legs became weaker but his heart just grew stronger by each day and everyone in his family would do anything they possibly could for this dog that wasn’t just a dog but was a son and a brother.

Raven, may you always Rest In Peace and Remember that no one will ever forget you since you were the greatest dog anyone could have ever asked for.

We all will miss you and Love you forever Raven! xoxo

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