Dog: Hailey (Golden Retriever / Duck Toller) – Halifax, Nova Scotia. Canada

Pet Dog: Hailey (Golden Retriever / Duck Toller)
Dog: Hayley (Golden Retriever / Duck Toller) (Sep 9, 2000 – Jul 17, 2013)

It is with great sadness but also gratefulness for the wonderful memories that we announce the passing of our beloved Hailey.

We had no idea how blessed we were to become when she picked us as the family she wanted to be with, as she waited each day at the SPCA, a seven year old lonely puppy wondering why her masters stopped loving her.

Our children wanted a puppy for years but it was always swept under the rug. Within days the joy she brought to our family made me realize that Hailey made our family complete.

It was evident how grateful she was for the love we gave her and she returned it tenfold. She loved our children Christopher and Lauren unconditionally and was like a mother to them always checking the rooms to see where they were and only truly content when we were all home.

Every day Hailey would run to greet you, as you came home from work, making you forget all your woes as you hugged her and buried your face in her beautiful golden hair. Anyone who met her would comment on how happy she always was and loving to anyone. Never refusing to give you a kiss or have a conversation with any dogs on the walking path.

It is such a hard thing to do, when you love your pet as much as we did, to accept that it’s time for them to go. But we did so knowing that she had a wonderful second half of her life with us and we will never forget her, for she enriched our lives so much.

Hailey passed away on Wednesday July 17th at approx. 5:00 pm at her home, in the back yard where she would lay and watch us work in the gardens. She was surrounded by her family, and her extended family with whom we are so grateful for the love they gave her and the special care during her last days.

We love you Hailey

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