Cat: Mutombo (Black American Shorthair) – Avon, CO

Pet Cat: Mutombo - Black American Shorthair
Cat: Mutombo (Black American Shorthair) – Avon, CO (2000 to May 2, 2013)

Mutombo, I will miss our lengthy conversations. I will miss the many different expressions of your beautiful green eyes.

I will miss spooning at night and holding your paw while you rub your head against my chin. I will miss chasing you around the house only to lose you under the bed. I will miss coming home to be greeted and sought out for affection because you missed me all day.

I will miss hearing you purr while I stroke your soft fur because you are happy to be with me and warm against my skin.

I will miss your patience, your kindness, your funny personality and midnight crazies. There will never be another Mutombo, another cat with your beautiful spirit.

You are in my heart forever and will never be forgotten for as long as I live. Bless you my dear sweet “bunny bear boy.” You are the light of my heart and I will love you forever.

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