Dog: Kandie (Mini Poodle) San Luis Potosi, Mexico

Pet Dog: Kandie - Mini Poodle
Dog: Kandie (Mini Poodle) San Luis Potosi, Mexico (Apr 1997 – Apr 21, 2013)

Kandie was the sweetest little dog. He was always at our side.

He was the pet dog at a children’s home called CASA DE NIÑOS, located in San Luis Potosi, Mexico. He loved hundreds of children and showed them what love is all about.

He loved us for 16 years and then had to leave. His memory will live on forever and forever in our hearts.

Now he is at the Rainbow Bridge barking, playing and wagging his tail, waiting for us to come one day. Can’t wait for your kisses on my face, Kandie.

I miss you so much.

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