Cat: Magic (Persian)

Cat: Magic (Persian) – (Died Feb 8, 2013)

On February 8, 2013 I lost my baby girl Magic. She was a 16 year old black, Persian cat. I’ve had her for more than half my life!

She was a rescue from the shelter and the best animal I’ve ever had. She was abused and left to die when she was about 1.5. It took months to get her comfortable with me and years to get her comfortable with other people.

She went from being scared to taking over my house. She was the queen and knew it! I would even tell my husband that he would go before my cat went! She was so loving and sweet! She would always greet me when I came home or fuss when her food bowl wasn’t as full as she thought it should be.

She would curl up on my lap when I was sad or give me the “evil” look when she didn’t want to be bothered. Magic was a one of a kind cat and there will never be another one like her.

I feel like a part of me is missing without my baby! Many in my family didn’t even like cats but they loved her. She was loved and will be missed by many.

I know she is no longer suffering but I would love to hear her meow at me just one more time.

Momma and Daddy loves you baby!!

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