Dog: Coco (Maltese Mix) – Ohio

pet dog Coco - Maltese mix
Dog: Coco (Maltese Mix) – Ohio (Aug 12, 1997 – Feb 4, 2013)

On February 4th, I lost my beautiful baby of 15 years, my dog Coco. He was my best friend for a long long time. He was full of life and personality.

Due to getting hit by a car when he was 3, he walked with a limp all his life, but that never slowed him down, he was always energetic and would run around anyway.

He loved to sit in the window and bark at strangers, and he could hear my open a bag full of snacks from all the way upstairs in another room. He hated to be separated from me. When I was in another room he’d follow me and get upset if he couldn’t get in.

He loved to open Christmas presents more than anyone, he would always stare the gifts and get so excited and he could hardly wait when he got his.

He loved to go outside, and when he was in a hurry he’d nudge me with his nose. In the morning he’d sit on my bed and curl up with me.

I loved him so, so much and I can’t believe he’s gone. It’s so hard knowing that I’ll never see my precious little baby again. I miss him so much already.

I love you, Coco.

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