Dog: Sugar (Labrador Retriever) – Jackson, WY

Pet Dog: Sugar - Labrador Retriever
Dog: Sugar (Labrador Retriever) – Jackson, WY (Sep 5, 2003 – Oct 2, 2012)

What can I say, the sweetest dog ever. My best friend (Don’t tell my wife). I would have taken her everywhere if my wife would let me.

She was a typical lab, loved to swim, chase birds, eat, sleep, play. She was timid with other dogs, but gregarious with people. She would walk across the street to meet someone she saw, even with me yelling at her not to.

Scared me more than a few times with cars. She was a great hunter, never gave up on a downed bird. When she was frightened she would come in between my legs for protection.

Never saw her snarl or snap at anyone, and only once or twice at other dogs. She was my daughter, and I will miss her like no other.

Thank you sweetheart for picking me. I went into the gaggle of puppies thinking I wanted a male. You licked me once and claimed me as yours, and I am forever grateful for the time I had with you.

I will love you always and miss you till the day I die.

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