Dog: Tia Oliveira (Sheltie) Bristol, RI

Pet dog Tia Oliveira - Sheltie
Dog: Tia Oliveira (Sheltie) Bristol, RI (Jul 13, 2002 – Aug 25, 2012)

I received Tia on Christmas day 2002. She was only 5 months old. I loved her from the moment I saw her and we formed a bond that no one could break.

She would snuggle with me daily on the couch when I napped in-between work and school. She loved to play fetch and go for walks. She was so smart she never left your side when we were outside …. she didn’t even need a leash.

She spent most of her tine playing and chasing her cousin Tyson (Chihuahua). They were best buds ….. always together.

She is also the big sister of Sheena (Husky). She showed us so much love and loyalty.

Tia is going to be missed by us …. it’s not the same …. there is a missing piece in our lives ….. until we meet again Tia.

I love and miss you more than anything!! Mommy loves you!

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