Dog: Cinderella Little Lady Piggles (Chihuahua Mix) – Woodbridge, VA

Pet Dog: Cinderella Little Lady Piggles - Chihuahua Mix
Dog: Cinderella Little Lady Piggles (Chihuahua Mix) – Woodbridge, VA (Died Aug 20, 2012)

I remember walking into the shelter excited to finally being able to get a dog. I walked by each kennel, looking at each dog, hoping to make a connection. I was at the last kennel filled with big loving dogs.

All licking my hand, happily greeting me, when suddenly I heard this loud little bark. The dogs paused, looked back, and began to part. Along the middle of these dogs walked this small what would be my love, Cinderella.

She made her way towards the front and said, “Hey, we can be something awesome.” She was right. At that moment I knew that feisty little girl was mine. Though I adopted her late in her life (she was 8) I knew she would bring something special into my life.

Coming home to her was my favourite part of the day. She knew how to make me feel important. She helped me survive high school, moving, and college. As I was going through all these big changes in my life I knew she would be my constant. Her unconditional love and support helped me get through some of the toughest times and for that I could not thank her enough.

She made the past 4 years amazing and I don’t know how I managed without her but I am trying, struggling, but trying.

She will always have a piece of my heart. Until the day we meet again, I love you Cinderella.

My video for Cinderella –

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