Dog: Boomer (Shiba Inu) – Bridgeview, IL

Dog: Boomer - Shiba Inu
Dog: Boomer (Shiba Inu) – Bridgeview, IL (Jul 12, 1999 – Jun 28, 2012)

In Loving Memory Of Boomer Blankenbeker. My mother Norma bought Boomer at the pet shop down the street from where we live. He was the only Shiba Inu who was sitting way at the top of the shelf in a cage who was not chosen to get a home out of the litter of many puppies. He was four months old when we got him.

Boomer brought much joy to our family and we have many fond memories of him especially when he would turn upside down on his back and roll around on the floor we would call him the upside down dog. He would cry every night at 6:00 pm for his milk bones like clock work. He understood everything we said, especially when he heard the words let’s eat.

Boomer had many unique qualities about him that we will always remember he was not only our protector he was our friend. Our precious dog had to have three eye surgeries,because he developed glaucoma first in his right eye which caused him to go blind. He had to have this eye removed. Boomer began to go blind in his left eye that led to two more surgeries eventually he was losing more of his sight to where he could only see shadows.

Recently, my mother took Boomer for his regular eye pressure check at the animal hospital and the doctor took an ultra sound,because he was crying as if he was in some kind of pain. When the doctor came back with the results she said that he had cancer of the spleen and had to be put to sleep right way, because it was an aggressive cancer and he would die in a couple of months.

No matter what Boomer went through he had a strong constitution and he is very loved by us and all of the family members. We miss you and the memories of you we will cherish forever.

Boomer leaves behind his brother Tiger our tabby cat.

We love you Boomer and you will never be forgotten! No one else wanted you, but you were special to us in many different ways, bringing joy to us each and every day.

Your loving family.

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