Dog: Denali (Petey) – Pug – Iron River, MI

Dog: Denali (Petey) - Pug
Dog: Denali (Petey) – Pug – Iron River, MI (Dec 21, 2010 – May 5, 2012)

Since the day Denali was born he was a gift. When he became best friends with Our Grandson, he was a gift & Making him the happiest boy on earth, It was a gift.

For 1 year and 4 months and 15 days, Denali made us ALL happy. Taken too soon from Us was an unexpected tragedy when he came to visit us out in the country.

Whilst being distracted by that loud noise coming down our country road, you wanted to run, something you couldn’t do when at home in town, when a human in too big of a hurry couldn’t slow down in time, we lost you forever.

So devastating, so tragic, we have cried for days, weeks, and we will cry always for you Denali.

Even though we only had you for a short time, you will live in our hearts and memories forever. Run free baby boy, you are with the angels now.

Until we meet again, at The Rainbow Bridge, We Will Miss You So & We Love You Little Boy :'(

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