Cat: Kayne (Domestic Short Hair) Grand Rapids, MI

Cat: Kayne (Domestic Short Hair)
Cat: Kayne (Domestic Short Hair) Grand Rapids, MI (May 17, 1996 – May 29, 2012)

Kayne and Abyll came into our lives almost 16 years ago. You always cherish the time you have with your pets, but I feel we were robbed of a few more years with our buddy Kayne.

January of this year he was diagnosed with intestinal cancer. In March we were told he had about 3-6 months to live.

He left us earlier than we had even expected.

He was a great companion and we are going to miss his sleeping at the foot of the bed, his talking to us in the morning and greeting us when we get home from work.

I just really miss the little guy.  = (

Brian & Patrick

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