Dog: Dax (Beaky) – Bonnybridge Scotland

Dog: Pokus Yorkshire Terrier
Dog: Dax (Beaky) – Bonnybridge Scotland- (2000 – May 7, 2012)

Dax was my best friend and my “shadow”. We got her as a tiny pup and she was a blessing to us every since. She was hale and healthy for most of her life and we have wonderful memories of our lives together.

Unfortunately in December she had a tumor, which reoccurred in March – we found out on at the beginning of May that she had t-cell lymphoma and were planning treatment. But, the day after that she started to become ill and although she had a better day the next day by Monday she was very ill and in pain.

So we had to make the awful decision to let her go. I have some comfort that for all but a few days of the last five months she was well, happy and enjoying life.

The vets at the Small Animal Hospital in Edinburgh and at our own practice Grahams Road in Falkirk couldn’t have been kinder throughout her illness.

Free of pain, now you’re gracing heaven. Our loss is definitely their gain.

Will miss you always. You’re forever in our hearts and memories.

Love Fiona, Karen & your doggie pal Gabby xxx

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