Cat: Sweetie Pie (Long-Haired American)

Cat: Sweetie – Long-Haired American (May 23, 1999 – May 10, 2012)

Sweetie Pie, my black, long-haired American male cat, passed away at the animal clinic 5/10/2012.

He had kidney disease/failure for the past year and a-half. We stopped treatments in January and he seemed to be okay, but I misjudged his need for fluids and his decline was so gradual, it was too little too late by the time I rushed him to the clinic for help on 5/9/2012.

He was born approximately 5/23/1999.

He did so many things I’ll never forget. He helped me “tie my shoes”. He marked each shoe by scratching with both paws, one shoe at a time. He was scent marking them so wherever I went, others would know I belonged to him.

He would sit up on his hind legs and let me pat his head (the way dogs do!).

He learned to scratch at the door to be let out, or in.

He would tuck his head under my chin and wrap both arms around my neck while I held him and swayed back and forth until he would fall asleep and snore.

He loved being in the garden with me and was never more than 2 or 3 feet away.

I’ll miss his snoring.

My heart aches for his loss. I am the poorer for his loss.

It doesn’t help to hear the words “he’s better off” (which indeed he may be). Does anyone else feel this way? I’m going to try to attend a pet loss grief support thing. Having depression does not help my thinking process.

I’ve struggled with the idea of euthanasia for over a year and still had not reached a decision for it when his heart stopped while he was in the incubator receiving warmth and fluids. He was going to die no matter what, no matter whose decision, with or without treatment. That’s why it is so very sad.

God wanted him to come home. It seems He wants us never to forget that He is a jealous God and is to be our number one focus. Always. I begged God to perform a miracle of healing, all the while being thankful I had the past year and a-half with Sweetie Pie.

How long do you prolong treatment? Why is euthanasia the “kinder” thing to do, or more “fair” to the animal? I could not be responsible for taking his last breath. In the end, I guess I was anyway.

His sister Princess (short-hair tabby) misses him.

Sweetie Pie, remember when you and Princess used to chase after things I’d throw down the alley and you ran like dogs to fetch them? (Blackberries, specifically). Well, you run ahead now, just as fast as you can. Princess and I aren’t far behind…

All my love, my little sweetheart. Treats and snacky-snacks. Beefy beef, fishy fish, chickie chickie, sammy salmon.

Your mama

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