Dog: Mary Kate

Pet dog - Mary Kate
Dog: Mary Kate (Died Feb 4, 2012)

Mary Kate entered my home and heart at the age of 6 mos. She was a guardian angel who provided love and comfort from the first day we met. As a pup, Mary Kate was a little ball of white fur who weighed approximately 2 lbs. She was fast and playful…providing hours of smiles and laughter.

As Mary Kate grew, she remained small …in fact, small enough to fit in a satchel. Humans were drawn to her cuteness – like when seeing her lick an ice-cream cone. Though small, her loud bark frightened the UPS and FED EX delivery persons! Indeed she was a feisty protector!

On Feb. 4, 2012, Mary Kate passed on after struggling with heart and kidney issues. She will be sorely missed. Her presence alone soothed the tired, aching soul and provided wonderful companionship.

Rest in peace little “girlfriend” –

Mommy loves you very much! xoxo

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