Dog: Bear

My beloved pet dog Bear
Dog: Bear (Jun 9, 2000 – Dec 19, 2011)

Bear left this life on Monday, December 19th, 6:39PM, after a brief illness. He passed quietly in his living room surrounded by friends and family, stroked and petted as he slipped away.

He was my first dog, a loving companion, a valued protector, a confidant, a friend. He was with me through the end of my work life, two major surgeries, and a drastic change in mobility. He always greeted me, even if I’d been gone mere seconds. He followed me in the house and guarded my bed every night.

He loved his daily rides. He loved his Tuesday walks, his visits with human friends Christine and Sharon, his weekly visits to the Dawg House, even his canine brother. He loved to play most evenings and was especially fond of squeaky toys.

He is preceded in death by Mary, who gave him to me at seven weeks, a palm-sized bundle of fluff, and my mother, Marie, who named him and dearly loved him, dearly loved both dogs.

He is survived by his human partner, Davis, his canine younger brother, Claude, and many friends of both species. He will be always missed and forever loved.

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