Cat: Humperdink (Ragdoll) – Wesley Chapel, FL

cat - Humperdink Ragdoll
Cat: Humperdink – Wesley Chapel, FL (Feb 14, 1995 – Nov 11, 2011)

I found Humperdink outside a video store I was working at in 1996. The vet said he was about a year and a half old. Over time I elected his birth date to be Valentine’s Day 1995 because of my great love for him.

He and I did everything together. He helped me with my college work (he loved the highlighter); He helped me hold down magazines and papers; He helped me wrap presents (he loved the ribbons); He helped me make the bed; He watched movies and TV with me. His favorite game was hide and seek. If there is such a thing as a pet being a soul mate then Humperdink was my pet soul mate.

Humperdink was a very unique cat. He often would tell us when there was trouble. For example, he once told us the air conditioner drip pan was leaking. He also did some interesting things. He would sit on a desk or table and pretend he was doing nothing and then reach over very slowly with one paw and stick out one claw and pull my glass over.

I taught Humperdink to walk on a harness. He enjoyed going for walks outside and loved to chomp on grass. He would sit on the front sit of the car and ride around. Everyone who met Humperdink loved him and made comments about how beautiful he was. Looking into his blue eyes was like gazing into an ocean.

Over the years, Humperdink and I went through everything. He was always there for me and was a constant variable in my every changing life.

Humperdink had a very healthy appetite. He would often be found meowing in the kitchen for something to eat. At his prime he weighed 18 pounds and never looked fat. He was a big cat with big paws. We sometimes called him quick paw McGraw because he would hit us so fast with his paw we wouldn’t know what happened.

Humperdink LOVED when we ate corn on the cob. He would like to eat the husk. He only wanted the husk however if he could steal it from the top of the garbage can. If we just handed it to him, he didn’t want it.

Humperdink left this world on 11/11/11 at age 16. He was a strong kitty and very handsome. I loved him more than anything. He was my best friend and fur child. He will be missed until the end of time.

Jennifer Hansen

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