Cat: Pooh (Siamese) – Florence, KY

Siamese cat Pooh
Cat: Pooh (Siamese) – Florence, KY (1995 – Oct 30, 2011)

Today we have to say goodbye to our beloved Siamese girl cat. Pooh lived an incredible life spanning 16 years, born in 1995, and passed away October 30, 2011.Pooh was a total diva.

She was a purebred, lavender point, traditional Siamese, and could have been a show cat in her younger days. She was beautiful, and she knew it.

You could see nothing but love in those bright blue eyes. She got whatever she wanted, when she wanted it, and never took no for an answer. She was the queen of the world.

If there was one thing Pooh was good at, it was snuggles. She was by far the sweetest thing on four legs. 24 hours a day, she had to be in the lap, or by the side of a loved one. (or “pet humans” in her mind) She was loved by so many, and she dearly loved everyone just as much.

In her later days, her cat bed was her sanctuary. It became known as her throne. It was the one place she found the absolute most peace, and was her prized possession. Today we laid her to rest with her throne, so she could take it with her. She spent her last day surrounded by the people she loved so much, and left us peacefully.

Rest In Peace, little lady. You are a beloved member of our family, and will be dearly missed by so many.

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