Cat: Samantha (Domestic Long Hair) Dallas, TX

Domestic Short Hair Pet Cat Samantha
Cat: Samantha (Domestic Long Hair) Dallas, TX (Dec 1994 – Oct 23, 2011)

Samantha “Miss Kitty” – “Sam” – “Sammy” – Campbell-Chambers was a typical kid in the sense that she usually hid from anyone that wasn’t mom or dad. She liked her space and wasn’t a big fan of sharing said space with other kids. She liked her face scratched, hated her butt scratched and certainly let you know when it was time for her to get her moist food.

She wasn’t a big cuddler or an overly affectionate lil lady but occasionally she’d grace you with her company and let you know that she was hangin’ out with you on her terms.

Miss Kitty’s sassy tone and prissy walk will be missed as she’s left us all too suddenly. While we will wish her with us, we are certain she’s in a place that’s full of clean potty’s, tons of crunchies and endless toys and places to bask in the sun. We loved her and did our best to make sure she knew she was loved.

To Miss Kitty, our cat, our friend and our daughter, we will miss you dearly……. we love you.

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