Dog: Patches (Cockerpoo) – Glendale AZ

Pet Dog Patches - Cockerpoo
Dog: Patches (Cockerpoo) – Glendale AZ (Dec 01, 1998 – Sep 15, 2011)

Patches was the best dog ever, she was my baby.  My family had her since she was a little puppy.  She faithfully waited for me till the end.

Every day she waited for me to come and when I came through the door there she was standing with her tail wagging.

At the end she was battling cancerous tumors and did not want to eat anymore but their she was as I came for lunch waiting for me and wagging her tail.

Patches we all love you, especially me. Thank you  for so many years of faithfulness.

God will watch over you in heaven.

Love you Patches, one day I will see you again my baby, my friend.  “My Roba toallas.”

Miss you so so so much!  This pain will take a long time to heal!

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