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Cat: Toonces (Brown Tabby) – Riverside, CA

September 27, 2011 Pet Lover 0

Toonces was a great cat. My husband and I rescued him together and a year after his rescue, I lost my husband to kidney disease. Toonie helped me through the lonely nights when it seemed no one else was there for me. He always understood. He was a great baby [more ….]

Dog: Patches (Cockerpoo) – Glendale AZ

September 17, 2011 Pet Lover 0

Dog: Patches (Cockerpoo) – Glendale AZ (Dec 01, 1998 – Sep 15, 2011) Patches was the best dog ever, she was my baby.  My family had her since she was a little puppy.  She faithfully waited for me till the end. Every day she waited for me to come and [more ….]

Dog: Nikita (Siberian Husky)

September 16, 2011 Pet Lover 0

Dog: Nikita (Siberian Husky) I had to euthanize my beloved Siberian husky Nikita. My pet dog Nikita was beautiful. Everybody loved her. I can’t wait to see baby Nikita in heaven.