Cat: Saga (Tabby) – Sonoma, CA

Pet cat Saga - Tabby
Cat: Saga (Tabby) – Sonoma, CA (3/21/11 -7/3/11)

Although our beautiful beast was only with us a short time, her mark on our hearts is solid and lasting.

Saga was a remarkable kitten with green eyes that burned into your soul. You couldn’t help but love her.

She was sassy, smart, funny and a bit crazy. She loved her feather toys and playing video games with her daddy.

Pet cat Saga - Tabby

She also enjoyed harassing her big brother, Loki. We wish we could have kept her here longer, but we know she will always be with us in our hearts.

Goodbye, baby girl, Saga!

Mama, Daddy, G’ma, Loki and all your aunties and uncles love you very much.

Pet cat Saga - Tabby

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