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Dog: Sparky (Yorkie Mix)

July 17, 2011 Pet Lover 0

Dog: Sparky – Yorkie Mix ( 1990 – Jul 10, 2011) My Yorkie mix 12 year old 10 was put to sleep last Sunday July.10,2011. His name is Sparky. He had congestive heart failure. I had him since he was a baby/newborn….for 12 years. I’m devastated. I now have [more ….]

Cat: Saga (Tabby) – Sonoma, CA

July 6, 2011 Pet Lover 0

Cat: Saga (Tabby) – Sonoma, CA (3/21/11 -7/3/11) Although our beautiful beast was only with us a short time, her mark on our hearts is solid and lasting. Saga was a remarkable kitten with green eyes that burned into your soul. You couldn’t help but love her. She was sassy, [more ….]

Dog: Tina (Golden Retriever) – Belgium

July 4, 2011 Pet Lover 0

Tina was our family dog for most of her life. A beautiful light coloured Golden Retriever with the most placid nature and engaging character. Everyone loved her when they met her. A true soldier having gone through many health problems over the past two years. She literally limped on overcoming [more ….]