Dog: Freddie – Warrensburg, MO

Dog: Freddie (Lab / Greyhound mix)
Dog: Freddie (Lab / Greyhound mix) Warrensburg, MO (2001 – 11/01/2010)

Freddie was my gentle giant, my little buddy as I would always call him, even if he weighed well over 100lbs.

He passed away very suddenly, and is sorely missed by his sister Sandy, brother Fudge, and the rest of the members of our family and friends.

I will forever be grateful for being chosen to be his “Dad”, as he is the best son that any guy could ask for.

My life will never be the same without him, my heart will always remember him.

Run free my little buddy, and someday we will meet again, never to be parted.

I love you and miss you :(

Dog: Freddie (Lab / Greyhound mix)

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